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Which Is More Important,

Your Dental Skill
or Your Personality?

"I just don't like him,"
the patient exclaimed.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with a very experienced, intelligent, caring and personable dental chairside assistant (Melanie). I was curious about how she initially got involved in dentistry ... and what has caused her to stick with it for so long (25+ years)

During our conversation we started discussing some of the dentists with whom she had worked and how different they were ... from skill to staff treatment to personality to patient treatment. I specifically asked her about the importance, in her opinion, of the skill levels of different dentists versus the importance of their personalities and ability to *bond* with patients with regards to ... (Read more ...)

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"Did You Know That ..."

The first 50 words of your ad, letter or brochure are critically important. The drop-off in readership, on average, from 50 words to 100 words is a dramatic 33%. Thus, it pays to spend extra time to make sure those first 50 words are potent ones that keep the reader reading.

Fractional ads often are more cost effective than full page ads. A 1/2 page ad will usually pull about 70% of the response of a full page ad while a 1/4 page ad will pull about 50% of a full pager ... at far less cost. So, unless you're seeking maximum number of responses -- without regard for cost per response -- be sure to test different size ads.

Editorial style ads (advertorials) may (Read more ...)

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